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Penguins at Colonial Clash (11/14)

The Penguins high school program wrapped up the Fall 2021 season with a solid day at the Colonial Clash in Lancaster, MA. The Penguins had five teams participate with the Penguins 2022, Penguins 2022/23, Penguins 2023, Penguins 2024 Blue and Penguins 2025. Overall the program 8-5-1 and played in two championship games, taking home the title at the top 2022 division.

The Penguins 2022 were playing in their final tournament and had a tremendous day going 3-0 in pool play beating the Maine Mussells, Albany Stags and CT Valley. They reached their second consecutive championship game of the fall and squared off against the Coyotes in the championship game. In what was an early back and forth game, the Penguins pulled away in the second half and took home the crown to round out their careers as Penguins.

As a program, the team capped off an incredible career going 10-1 this Fall and taking home two championships including our final event as a group. Top to bottom everyone made big contributions that allowed us to have the success we did. I couldn’t be happier with how this group finished their final game as Penguins and looking forward to seeing their continued success as the NCAA level and beyond. I’ve been with some of these players since elementary school and to see how they have developed is truly remarkable.

Coach Spencer Low, Penguins 2022

The Penguins 2024 Blue also had a great day going 3-0 in pool play with wins against NH Tomahawks, CT Valley and Maine Mussels. They made their way to the championship game to have a rematch against CT Valley but were unable to close out the day. The Penguins 2023 went 2-1 and their only loss coming to a tough Express North team by the score of 3-2 and narrowly missed making the playoffs. The Penguins 2025 had a good win against Rip It and lost two back and forth games against 4Leaf and 802 Vermont. Finally, the Penguins 2022/23 had a great day, going 1-1-1 with a good win against Blaze Lacrosse early and and losing a one goal game in the playoffs to miss going to the championship game.

The Fall season officially closes for the Penguins and Winter Box Lacrosse sessions start up on December 5th and run through March.

Penguins at Colonial Clash (11/13)

The Penguins wrapped up the fall season at the Colonial Clash tournament held at Progin Park in Lancaster, MA on November 13th and 14th. The Penguins had nine teams participating and competed in three championship games and winning two titles. The Penguins 2026, 2027/28, 2029 and 2030/31 teams played on Saturday and the Penguins 2022, 2023, 2022/23, 2024 and 2025 played on Sunday.

The Penguins 2026 team went 1-2 on the day with a great team win against 802 Lacrosse and a close game against HGR Blue. The Penguins 2027/28 team also went 1-2 with a dynamic victory against the Maineiax. The Penguins 2030/31 had a great day going 1-1-1. The lost a hard fought semi-final game against Gorilla and lost in a Braveheart to narrowly miss a back to back finals appearance. The Penguins 2029 team went 2-0-1 in pool play with tremendous wins against Coyotes Blue and Gorilla. The team was the number 1 seed and had a rematch with 4Leaf Army in the championship game whom they previously had tied earlier in the day. This game did not disappoint as the Penguins game back from a 4-2 deficit at half to tie the game in the closing minutes and send to a Braveheart to determine a champion. Nolan Merenda won the face-off and Austin Keyser drew a penalty to give a man advantage. That was all that was needed as DJ Jenkins passed to Austin Keyser who found Nolan Merenda who notched the game winning goal.

We had a gritty comeback in the second half of the championship game which was anchored by great goaltending from Bobby and Evan. Even though we were down, the group never gave up and it took a total team effort to defeat 4Leaf in overtime. It was excellent being able to coach this team this weekend and I am happy with how the team played.

Alex Bunick, Penguins 2026 Coach

Penguins at Fall Brawl (11/07)

Three Penguins teams participated in the Fall Brawl at Bryant University on Sunday, November 7th in what was a brisk and sunny day in Rhode Island. The Penguins 2027/28, Penguins 2029 and Penguins 2030/31 went a combined 8-3 on the day and played in two championship games to round out a great weekend.

The Penguins 2027/28 team went 1-2 losing close game against the Littlenecks and Coyotes and getting a good team win against HGR. The Penguins 2029 team went 3-0 in pool play with decisive victories against the Houlagans, Littlenecks and Coyotes. The played in their third championship game of the fall season, losing to a very strong RI Bulldogs team.

The team played great all day long and I was especially excited at how we competed against the Littlnecks in our second game. We’ve made huge strides this fall and being able to play in another championship game was rewarding. We came up against a very tough RI Bulldogs team but overall I was happy with our effort all day and looking forward to wrapping up at the Colonial Clash next weekend.

Jason Wellemeyer, Penguins 2029 Coach

Finally, the Penguins 2030/31 team continued it fantastic fall season, going 3-0 in pool and outscoring opponents by 27 goals. They met up with the Coyotes team again in the championship game and came away on top, winning 10-7 in a back and forth contest. Wick Luckzow, Ethan Dearborn and Tommy Gentile shined and goaltending was solid with Nock Hodges and Jude Cronin having good days in the cage.

Today was a great team win for the 2030/31 program. It was a long day but the players stayed focused and being able to win the championship under the lights of the Bryant turf was pretty special. It’s been a great fall with this group and looking forward to keep it rolling.

Matt Murphy, Penguins 2030/31 Coach

Penguins at 3d Fall Classic (11/06-11/07)

The Penguins had six teams competing over the weekend at the 3d Fall Classic at the Forekicks in Taunton, MA. Starting off on Saturday was the Penguins 2029 Skippers and Penguins 2026 Pirates who competed in the AA bracket.

The Penguins 2026 Pirates team played three tough games and worked hard all day long. They lost two close games to 3d NE White and the Warriors. The Penguins 2029 Skippers team went 1-1-1 on the day with a great win against the Tomahawks Purple and tie against the Kings Blue. The only loss came against 3d New England Red in what was a back and forth contest and ending in a last second goal.

I was very happy with the how the team played on Saturday. Each game was a battle and it was good to test ourselves against top end competition. Our defense played great being anchored by Braylon Beville and Preston Cabana. Our clearing struggled but we made some adjustments going into Sunday.

Jason Wellemeyer, Penguins 2029 Coach

On Sunday, the High School teams played and went a combined 7-6 record. The Penguins 2022/23 Flyer and 2022/23 Hornets had strong team wins against Tomahawks Purple 2022, 3d New England South 2023 and Piatelli 2023 teams to round out a 4-2 record overall. The Penguins 2024 Knights had a tough start to the day dropping some back and forth games but game to play in their final game with a 8-7 win against a strong Piatelli 2024 team. Finally, the Penguins 2025 Panthers went 2-2 with quality wins against two different Piatelli teams.

Team names were changed to reflect the passing of Stew Curran, who was a friend and mentor to the Penguins. You can learn more about Stew and his battle here and below is the original email we sent describing team names for the weekend.

Without question, PrimeTime Lacrosse and our Penguins teams do not exist without Stew and his contributions. There is no question we would not be involved in lacrosse in any capacity without Stew’s introduction to the game. 
We will be taking many steps now and in the future to honor Stew and the impact he has had on our families and the game of lacrosse. We trust that our players will play hard in Stew’s honor, and above all else cherish the time that we have together as players and coaches, and the opportunity we have to play this game. 
This weekend, we are naming our teams in honor of the places and teams that were important to Stew and his family. Please see below for a brief explanation of each program. 

Thank You, Tyler, Jason, Spencer, Alex, and the PrimeTime Lacrosse Family

Skippers: Stew served as Head Coach of Cohasset High School winning three Massachusetts State Championships including one alongside Assistant Coach Jason Wellemeyer
Pirates: Stew founded the Hull Youth Lacrosse program, serving as their director from 2001-2006. 
Seawolves: Stew’s son, Garrett, competed at Tabor Academy prior to embarking on a Hall of Fame career at Lynchburg. 
Stew’s son Charles attended The Citadel in Charleston, SC before embarking on a career in the United States Marine Corps. 
Tigers: Stew served as the Head Coach of Thayer Academy, capturing an ISL Championship in 2014. 
Flyers: Stew grew up in Framingham, MA, competing for the Framingham South High School 
Hornets: Stew’s sons, Garrett and Vin, competed for the Lynchburg College Hornets, elevating the program to national prominence in their time there. 
Knights: All three of Stew’s sons attended Catholic Memorial in West Roxbury, MA for a period of time. 

Penguins at the Fall Classic (10/30)

The Penguins program had eight teams competing at the Fall Classic on Saturday, October 30th in Lancaster, MA. Overall, the program achieved its most successful tournament of the fall, going 14-8-2 overall and competing in three championship games. The Penguins 2029 and Penguins 2022 both secured championships for the first time this fall season.

The Penguins 2029 team went 2-0-1 in pool play, earning large victories against CT Valley and securing a 5-5 tie against 2Way Lacrosse during the first game of the day. The Penguins got the opportunity to play 2Way again in the championship and did not waste the opportunity, pulling away in the second half to take a 10-5 win.

I could not have been happier with how our team played on Saturday. We came out a little slow to start the day but quickly found our rhythm. Being able to play 2Way again in the championship was something the entire team was excited about and the focus they maintained from the opening whistle until the end was tremendous. Nolan Merenda was absolutely dynamic all over the field making big plays and scoring goals. Allston Abrams took some key face-offs and was a ground ball machine. Liam Schweiger played his best game of day in championship and his clearing ability was excellent and Kevin Duggan scoring with 1 second left in the half propelled us to victory.

Jason Wellemeyer, Penguins 2029 Coach

The Penguins 2022 Orange team went 3-0 in pool play with emphatic wins against Gorilla and the Coyotes. In the championship game the team played Winged River (The Rivers School) to a close game but pulled away to take the 11-7 win.

Dominant play from face-off man Max Fenn and goaltender Colin Connors helped shut down opposing teams, holding opponents to 10 goals across our 4 games. On the offensive side, Midfielders Brady Daylor, David Pacella and Nolen Beauregard were unstoppable all day helping us to rack up 39 goals and were clutch down the stretch in our championship game helping us to close out an 11-7 victory. It was a great start to the fall and I am excited for the future.

Spencer Low, Penguins 2022 Coach

The Penguins 2025 Orange team also had a great day going 3-0 in pool play with wins against the Tomahawks, Coyotes and HGR. They made it to their first championship game this fall but were defeated by the Clams. The Penguins 2026 Orange and Penguins 2027/28 teams both went 1-2 but had great wins against the Littlenecks 2026 and Maineiax respectively. The Penguins 2023 team went 2-1 in pool and missed out on going to the championship on a goal differential tie breaker while the Penguins 2024 Orange team went 0-2-1 against some tough competition.

The Penguins program is back in action the weekend of November 6th and 7th, participating in the 3d Mayflower Tournament and Fall Brawl.

Penguins at Laxtoberfest (10/24)

The Penguins had another tremendous day at the Laxtoberfest Tournament in Deven, MA. The program had four teams competing at the youth level and went a combined 8-2-2 to continue a successful fall campaign.

Starting off the day were the Penguins 2030/31 team who had a decisive victory against Houlagans. They claimed another win against the Coyotes and fought to earn a 7-7 tie against the Kings 2030/31. They finished the day 2-0-1 and have a 5-0-1 record this fall.

I was very proud of how we competed all day long. We played really well against the Houlagans and worked hard to tie the Kings during our second game. Jude Cronin made some big saves and Wick Luckzow was all over the field for us. We showed some perseverance and I am excited to play at the Brawl in a few weeks.

Matt Murphy, Penguins 2030/31 Coach

The Penguins 2029 played well getting key wins against the Coyotes and HGR. The ended up the day 2-0-1 as and tied Team 802 with only a minute remaining in the game.

It was another great day for the 2029’s. We had excellent goaltending by Evan Marzi and our defense played really well. Allston Abrams was all over the field Jay Grigsby was dynamic at the midfield. The team stayed focused all day and kept the intensity from start to finish.

Jason Wellemeyer, Penguins 2029 Coach

Finally, the Penguins 2026 and Penguins 2027/28 each went 2-1 with wins against the Kings, CT Sharks and CT Shark and HGR Green respectively.

The Penguins program is now 18-4-2 on the Fall season. All teams will be playing at the Fall Classic on Saturday, October 30th in Lancaster, MA.

Penguins at Scarecrow Festival (10/16)

The Penguins started off the Fall Season in impressive fashion at the the Scarecrow Festival on Saturday, October 16th. The 2026, 2027/28, 2029, and 2030/31 all had teams participate and took home three championships to round out a 10-2 record on the day. 

The Penguins 2030/31 started off the winning, going 3-0 with a +28 goal differential. The team had dynamic wins against the Tomahawks Gold and 3d Blue. They finished the morning with a emphatic 14-1 win against Piatelli Lacrosse to take home the championship in the bracket. 

Our offense was moving the ball doing an outstanding job feeding Jason Yan who always seemed uncovered around the crease. Jude Cronin made some fantastic saves on the back end with perfect outlet passes allowing our transition game to lead to goals. The boys played well in all three games keeping the pedal down to win the tournament.

Matt Murphy, 2030/31 Coach

The Penguins 2029 team also went 3-0, getting quality wins against the Tomahawks, 3d Blue and Kings Red. Overall they had a +30 goal differential and the team was able to win the championship in their bracket. 

I was thrilled with how our team played in this tournament. We had a great week of practice leading up and the team came out strong in all three games. Our ball movement was exceptional and we were able to push the ball in transition to score some impressive goals. This was a great start to our fall season and I am excited to keep playing with this group.

Jason Wellemeyer, 2029 Coach

The Penguins 2027/28 team had a quality win against the NH Tomahawks Gold, beating them 6-3 in the first game of the day. They dropped their next two contests but it was a positive start for the team going into the rest of the fall season. The Penguins 2026 team also went 3-0, finishing the day late in the evening. They capped off their championship run with a decisive victory against the Littlenecks 9-2.

We had tremendous offensive showing all day from Levi Gagnon, Josh Ciaglo, Nolen Mosscrop, and Arann Hanlon. Our team’s defensive effort was great, with spectacular play from Dom Sperrazza, James Dornburgh, Tyler Scully. Brett Riley dominated on the defensive end and also chipped in a hat trick in game 1. Clark Nau and Jack Hauck dominated at the Face-Off X, getting us the ball, and Sean Collins made some great saves to carry the team to victory. We had a great start to the fall, carrying the momentum from the end of our summer season. The guys played hard all day, and didn’t let up until the final whistle. It was a great team effort all day, and we are really excited for the rest of the season.

Alex Bunick, 2026 Coach

The Penguins program will be participating at the Laxtoberfest Tournament on Sunday, October 24th in Devens, MA and will look to build on the success found at the Scarecrow Festival.