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Penguins at Colonial Clash

The Penguins program had nine teams competing over the weekend at the Colonial Clash Tournament in four locations across the area. Overall the the teams went a combined 13-12-2 with some impressive victories along the way.

Penguins 2024 Gold

2-0-1 with solid team wins against Express North and Seven Hills

Penguins 2025 Gold

2-1 having a close games against Maine Mussells and losing a hard fought game against 3d NE Blue

Penguins 2026 Orange

0-3 losing some tight games against Express North and Laxachussetts Green

Penguins 2027

2-1 with team wins against Rip It and Team CT

Penguins 2028

1-2 with a good win against Rip It and close game against PLC

Penguins 2029 Blue

3-0 with decisive victories against the Littlenecks and 4 Leaf

Penguins 2030

1-2 with tight games all day against Gorilla, 4 Leaf, and HGR

Penguins 2031/32

1-2 with a solid win against Team CT and hard fought loss against a tough 3d NE Red

Penguins 2032/33

1-1-1 with a good win against 4 Leaf and last second tie against Bucket Town

Penguins at Fall Brawl

The Penguins program had eight teams competing across youth and high school as they participated in the Fall Brawl in Rhode Island and Fitchburg. Combined the program went 11-7-4 was highlighted by 3- 0 days for the Penguins 2028 and Penguins 2027 teams.

Penguins 2032/33

2-0-1 with a quality win against the Littlenecks 2031/32 team

Penguins 2030

1-2 with a good win against the Houlagans and one goal loss to 3d NE Blue

Penguins 2029 Orange

1-0-2 with a dynamic win against the Coyotes to finish the day and ties against the Littlenecks and RI Bulldogs

Penguins 2028

3-0 with a great win against the Littlenecks to start the day and finished off strong against the Houlagans and HGR

Penguins 2027

3-0 with solid wins against HGR, Piatelli Lacrosse, and Houlagans

Penguins 2025/26

1-1-1 with a good team effort against Piatelli to tie and took home a victory on the last game of the day against the RI Bulldogs

Penguins 2023

0-3 with two close games to finish the day against the Houlagans and Coyotes

Penguins at Fall Classic

The Penguins program had 10 teams competing at the Fall Classic on October 29th and 30th in Lancaster and Fitchburg. Combined the Penguins went 18-10-2 in what was a great weekend for the program. Highlights of the weekend included 3-0 records for the Penguins 2029 Orange and Penguins 2027.

Penguins 2032/33

2-1 with decisive victories against the Houlagans and 802 Lacrosse. The lone loss came against 3d New England in a last second goal.

Penguins 2031/32

Started the day with an emphatic victory against the RI Bulldogs. Dropped a hard fought game against a tough Kings team and rebounded to beat the Coyotes to end the day 2-1.

Penguins 2030/31

Started off slow and dropped a close contest to the Kings. Went on to finish the day 2-0 with a +14 goal differential over and good wins against HGR and Houlagans.

Penguins 2029 Orange

3-0 on the day with good team victories against the Kings, CT Valley and HGR.

Penguins 2028

Lost a competitive early game to the Houlagans and finished the day 1-2 with a good win against the Blaze.

Penguins 2027

3-0 overall with wins over HGR, Maineiax, and 802 Lacrosse.

Penguins 2026 Orange

Solid 1-0-2 record with back to back 4-4 ties and a one goal victory against 802 Lacrosse.

Penguins 2025

2-1 on the day with a great team wins against 2Way North and HGR.

Penguins 2024 Orange

Finished 1-2 with a great victory against the Buzzards to close out the day.

Penguins 2023

1-2 and had tight games all day with a good win against the RI Bulldogs to finish strong.

Penguins at Laxtoberfest

The Penguins program had five teams participate at the Laxtoberfest Tournament in Devens, MA on Sunday, October 23rd. Combined the program went 6-9 and had some competitive results against regional opponents. Team of the day was the Penguins 2031/32 team that went 3-0 on the day!

Penguins 2027

Went 0-3 with close games against the Coyotes and the Hawks.

Penguins 2029 Blue

Went 1-2 with a great team win against the Coyotes Blue and dropped a close one goal contest to 4Leaf Orange to start the day.

Penguins 2029 Orange

Went 1-2 on the day with close first game against the Littlenecks and then a solid team win against NH Tomahawks Gold to finish the day.

Penguins 2030

Finished 1-2 with tight games all day long. They won a 4-3 game against 4Leaf Orange in the final game slot.

Penguins 2031/32

The team went 3-0 and had great team victories against the NH Tomahawks, Coyotes and Hawks!

Penguins at Scarecrow Tournament

The Penguins 2029 Orange and Penguins 2030 Orange teams started the Fall season at the Scarecrow Tournament in Taunton, MA on Saturday, October 15th. In what was a beautiful fall day, the teams combined for a 3-3 record and Championship in the 2029 A bracket.

Penguins 2029 Orange (CHAMPIONS)

Defeated 3D New England Blue, Piatelli and Twisters to go undefeated and a goal differential of +15.

Standout Players: Tyler Savarese, Ben Savarese, Colton Forman, Braylon Beville

Penguins 2030 Orange

Had close games against Piatelli and Kings and played solid defense throughout the day.

Standout Players: Vinnie Scobbo, Jacob Lyons, Daniel George

Penguins Winter Box Season Announced

We are excited to announce the schedule for the 2022-2023 Penguins Winter Box season! The program is for Penguins ONLY and designed to teach our players the skill set of box lacrosse concepts. Now in our 4th season, players will be taught true box lacrosse principles and each practice on the fundamentals required for the game of box lacrosse. 


Many top NCAA and professional lacrosse players have box lacrosse experience. On the offensive end, box lacrosse helps develop stick skills and teaches players to play in tight spaces. On defense players work on their defensive footwork and positioning. It also helps players all over the field winning ground balls in tight spaces.

Penguins Box Lacrosse Video Highlights
Box Combine Video

As the fall gets going, we have finalized our box lacrosse schedule for this winter. Attached is a document with the schedule and tournament possibilities. All practices and most play days will be located in Canton, MA at TeamWorks (5 Carver Cir Canton, MA). The season will run December through March. 

Sign-ups are separate from season Membership and please use the link above to register!

Adam Becker (Penguins ’17) makes Team Israel 50 man roster

Adam Becker (Penguins ’17), current Penguins 2031 coach, and recent Assumption College (NCAA Division II) graduate has made the Israel Lacrosse 50 man roster ahead of the 2023 Men’s World Lacrosse Championship’s, set to take place in San Diego, CA from June 21st – July 1st, 2023. Becker, was a two way midfielder for the Greyhounds from 2018-2021.


Penguins at Lake George Invitational

The Penguins program finished off the Summer 2022 season by competing in the Lake George National Invitational in the Lake George region of upstate NY. The Penguins had six teams competing and went a combined 11-12-2 and making the playoffs in two divisions and competing for one Championship (2029).

Penguins 2023

2-2 finishing the weekend with a good win against 802 Lacrosse.

Penguins 2024

1-2-1 overall and played some tough competition all weekend in the AA bracket. Colton Chambers scored a last second goal to tie LI Express in the final seconds of the last game.

Penguins 2025 (Playoffs)

1-2-1 and made the playoffs on a tiebreaker. Big win against LI Express and tied Piatelli Central. Would go on to lose in semi-finals to 802 Lacrosse.

Penguins 2026

2-2 with a dynamic team win against the Little Necks on Saturday, 8-5. Would win their final game of weekend against LI Rebels 5-1.

Penguins 2029 Blue (CHAMPIONSHIP Appearance)

5-1 overall and started off Saturday going 3-0 with wins against LI Rebels, Little Necks and Evolve Elite. Would play Gorilla back to back and win both games handedly to make Championship game against LI Rebels. The team would battle but ended up losing in what was an overall successful weekend for the team.

Penguins 2030
1-3 overall with two, one goal loss games on Saturday. They would play a consolation game on Sunday and defeat LI Rebels 7-1.

Penguins at Ocean State Showdown

Five Penguins teams competed at the Ocean State Showdown on the weekend of July 16th-17th in the state of Rhode Island. The program had tremendous success, going a combined 14-11 and making the playoffs in three divisions and going to one Championship game (2025).

Penguins 2024 (Playoffs)

3-2 overall with huge wins against Kings Red, Headstrong anf HGR Green. Would go on to lose a backforth games to Kings Red 3-2 in semifinals.

Penguins 2025 (CHAMPIONSHIP Appearance)

2-3 but got seeded in playoffs and beat Piatelli Pioneer to make the Championship game. They would end up losing to the Kings Red in a braveheart 6-5.

Penguins 2026/27

2-3 with big wins against NH Tomahawks and Coyotes to round out the weekend.

Penguins 2029 Orange (Playoffs)

4-1 and started Saturday going 3-0 to make the playoffs. Ended up losing a tough game against the Shamrocks in the semi-finals.

Penguins 2030/31 (Playoffs)

4-1 overall with dynamic wins against RI Bulldogs, Piatelli, and CT Valley.