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PrimeTime Shootout Tournament Recap (6/17-6/18)

The Penguins had 10 teams compete at the PrimeTime Shootout on June 17th-18th in the Sudbury/Wellesley area. The weather proved to be a challenge on Saturday with games being rained out in the afternoon. Penguins teams performed at a very high standard with FOUR Championships in the 2026AA, 2027B, 2029AA, and 2032/33 Divisions! The 2030 team also completed a 4-0 weekend but lost in a tie breaker for the Championship. Overall the program had one of its best tournaments to date with a record of 27-10-1.

Penguins 2024 (1-3)

Penguins 2025 (2-2)

Penguins 2026 Blue (4-0) *2026AA CHAMPIONS

Penguins 2027 *2027B CHAMPIONS

Penguins 2028

Penguins 2029 Blue *2029AA CHAMPIONS

Penguins 2029 Orange

Penguins 2030 (4-0)

Penguins 2031 (2-2)

Penguins (4-0) *2032/33 CHAMPIONS

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