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Penguins Wall Ball Challenge Details

Penguins 2023-2024 Wall Ball Challenge
Reminder: we recently sent out our 2023-2024 Penguins Wall Ball challenge for all youth players ages 2028 and younger.  Last year was a great start to this program and we made some important changes to promote players practicing more consistently at home. We believe that the best way for our players to improve is to work hard on the wall and keep a stick in their hands outside of practice. Although skills and practices are great for everyone, we see the largest improvement from players who continue to work on their own at home, especially with wall ball. Below are the details of the challenge

  • Use the Wall Ball Challenge above for your age group.
  • Film and time yourself completing the challenge with NO DROPS. If you drop the ball you have to start over.
  • Also, there should be NO CUTS OR EDITS in the video you send to us. We should see you complete the challenge in one video done as fast as you can.
  • Once you have completed it, please send only the video with the successful attempt back to us with your time.
  • Once we receive enough videos and times, we will set a target time for each age group to complete this in. If your original attempt was completed under the time, you will receive your prize. If it was not, please continue to work on it until you are able to complete it in the timed goal.
Players who complete the challenge will receive NEW CHROME PENGUINS HELMET DECALS.

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