October 9, 2018

Penguins Fall 2018 Tournaments – 3d Mayflower

3d Mayflower Tournament

Saturday, November 10th

Taunton Forekicks (223 Fremont Street, Taunton, MA)

Parking: Smaller facility and parking. Come early to get a spot and all fields are directly next to building.

Penguins Tailgating Information: Penguins Tent will be in the back gravel area along the fence. There will be no formal team requirements for food/drink as this is a short day for all teams.

Tournament Website: CLICK HERE for all Tournament information on the following

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2023 Roster

William Burke, Tyler Callahan, Lorenzo Costello, Tyler DaMore, Jack DiLiddo, John Gallagher, Henry Laudano, Abraham Lester, Kyle LeVangie, Grant Moffitt, Julien Proia, Dylan Robertson, Tyler santana, Harry Toney, Julian Venable, Aaron Waller, Hudson Wesel, Nicolas Whiteley

2024 Roster

Max Becker, Cole Chambers, Jack Cuddy, Trae DaMore, Cam Egan, Ryan Farley, Alexander Goldsmith, Jack Halik, Lachlan Hartshorn, Lucas Haynes, Dominick Honnors, Ethan Howe, Zachary Langevin, Henry Mix, Jack O’Neill, Jake Riley, Chad Robertson, Dylan Rogers, Jack Wajda, Owen Warren, Conor Woodring

2026 Roster

Owen Biggs, Kunwer Chhatwal, Sam Cochran, Armaan Desai, Teddy Dreyer, Henry Engelman, Spencer Farmer, Jack Fitzpatrick, Zachary Hodges, William Jones, Andrew Kido, Pete Kumar, Nolen Mosscrop, Arin Nazarian, Rowan Nine, Jaxon Parker, Freddy Torcasio, Cole Zachery

2027/2028 Roster

Evan DeFrancesco, Max Greer, Hunter Lee,  Hamilton Tillen, Elliot Wajda, Benjamin Jones, Christian Caldroney, Colin Riley, Mikey Philbin, Will Metraw, Aiden Lawlor, Sawyer Robinson, Owen Mix