Penguins at Scarecrow Festival (10/16)

The Penguins started off the Fall Season in impressive fashion at the the Scarecrow Festival on Saturday, October 16th. The 2026, 2027/28, 2029, and 2030/31 all had teams participate and took home three championships to round out a 10-2 record on the day. 

The Penguins 2030/31 started off the winning, going 3-0 with a +28 goal differential. The team had dynamic wins against the Tomahawks Gold and 3d Blue. They finished the morning with a emphatic 14-1 win against Piatelli Lacrosse to take home the championship in the bracket. 

Our offense was moving the ball doing an outstanding job feeding Jason Yan who always seemed uncovered around the crease. Jude Cronin made some fantastic saves on the back end with perfect outlet passes allowing our transition game to lead to goals. The boys played well in all three games keeping the pedal down to win the tournament.

Matt Murphy, 2030/31 Coach

The Penguins 2029 team also went 3-0, getting quality wins against the Tomahawks, 3d Blue and Kings Red. Overall they had a +30 goal differential and the team was able to win the championship in their bracket. 

I was thrilled with how our team played in this tournament. We had a great week of practice leading up and the team came out strong in all three games. Our ball movement was exceptional and we were able to push the ball in transition to score some impressive goals. This was a great start to our fall season and I am excited to keep playing with this group.

Jason Wellemeyer, 2029 Coach

The Penguins 2027/28 team had a quality win against the NH Tomahawks Gold, beating them 6-3 in the first game of the day. They dropped their next two contests but it was a positive start for the team going into the rest of the fall season. The Penguins 2026 team also went 3-0, finishing the day late in the evening. They capped off their championship run with a decisive victory against the Littlenecks 9-2.

We had tremendous offensive showing all day from Levi Gagnon, Josh Ciaglo, Nolen Mosscrop, and Arann Hanlon. Our team’s defensive effort was great, with spectacular play from Dom Sperrazza, James Dornburgh, Tyler Scully. Brett Riley dominated on the defensive end and also chipped in a hat trick in game 1. Clark Nau and Jack Hauck dominated at the Face-Off X, getting us the ball, and Sean Collins made some great saves to carry the team to victory. We had a great start to the fall, carrying the momentum from the end of our summer season. The guys played hard all day, and didn’t let up until the final whistle. It was a great team effort all day, and we are really excited for the rest of the season.

Alex Bunick, 2026 Coach

The Penguins program will be participating at the Laxtoberfest Tournament on Sunday, October 24th in Devens, MA and will look to build on the success found at the Scarecrow Festival.

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