Penguins at Ocean State Showdown

Five Penguins teams competed at the Ocean State Showdown on the weekend of July 16th-17th in the state of Rhode Island. The program had tremendous success, going a combined 14-11 and making the playoffs in three divisions and going to one Championship game (2025).

Penguins 2024 (Playoffs)

3-2 overall with huge wins against Kings Red, Headstrong anf HGR Green. Would go on to lose a backforth games to Kings Red 3-2 in semifinals.

Penguins 2025 (CHAMPIONSHIP Appearance)

2-3 but got seeded in playoffs and beat Piatelli Pioneer to make the Championship game. They would end up losing to the Kings Red in a braveheart 6-5.

Penguins 2026/27

2-3 with big wins against NH Tomahawks and Coyotes to round out the weekend.

Penguins 2029 Orange (Playoffs)

4-1 and started Saturday going 3-0 to make the playoffs. Ended up losing a tough game against the Shamrocks in the semi-finals.

Penguins 2030/31 (Playoffs)

4-1 overall with dynamic wins against RI Bulldogs, Piatelli, and CT Valley.

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