Penguins at NH Fall 64

The Penguins program kicked off the fall tournament season on Saturday, October 17th at the NH Fall 64 Tournament. The 2021, 2022 Blue, 2023, 2024 Orange and 2026 Penguins all battled and picked up some key programs wins throughout the day. 

The 2023 Penguins shined as they went 2-1 on the day with an impressive 7-5 win against the Clams 2023. They finished the day with another win against the Houlagans and tight game against the 2023 Kings Red team.

The NH Fall 64 was a good day for the boys, and the progression of our offense.  Will Buckley and Julien Proia got the day started with strong goals against the Clams and the Houlagans. We had a slow start to our final game of the day, and after a strong second half we were unfortunately unable to close the gap and ended the day with a 2-1 record. 

Coach Jeff Heater

The 2021 Penguins played strong and secured a 5-5 tie with the RI Bulldogs as well as dropping a close game to the Kings 2021. The 2022 Blue Penguins had a great 6-5 team win against Gorilla 2022. The 2024 Orange Penguins had a dynamic victory against Houlagans to start the day as well while dropping back and forth games against the Kings 2024 Red and the RI Bulldogs. 

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