Penguins at Laxtoberfest

The Penguins program had five teams participate at the Laxtoberfest Tournament in Devens, MA on Sunday, October 23rd. Combined the program went 6-9 and had some competitive results against regional opponents. Team of the day was the Penguins 2031/32 team that went 3-0 on the day!

Penguins 2027

Went 0-3 with close games against the Coyotes and the Hawks.

Penguins 2029 Blue

Went 1-2 with a great team win against the Coyotes Blue and dropped a close one goal contest to 4Leaf Orange to start the day.

Penguins 2029 Orange

Went 1-2 on the day with close first game against the Littlenecks and then a solid team win against NH Tomahawks Gold to finish the day.

Penguins 2030

Finished 1-2 with tight games all day long. They won a 4-3 game against 4Leaf Orange in the final game slot.

Penguins 2031/32

The team went 3-0 and had great team victories against the NH Tomahawks, Coyotes and Hawks!

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