Penguins at Fall Brawl

The Penguins program had eight teams competing across youth and high school as they participated in the Fall Brawl in Rhode Island and Fitchburg. Combined the program went 11-7-4 was highlighted by 3- 0 days for the Penguins 2028 and Penguins 2027 teams.

Penguins 2032/33

2-0-1 with a quality win against the Littlenecks 2031/32 team

Penguins 2030

1-2 with a good win against the Houlagans and one goal loss to 3d NE Blue

Penguins 2029 Orange

1-0-2 with a dynamic win against the Coyotes to finish the day and ties against the Littlenecks and RI Bulldogs

Penguins 2028

3-0 with a great win against the Littlenecks to start the day and finished off strong against the Houlagans and HGR

Penguins 2027

3-0 with solid wins against HGR, Piatelli Lacrosse, and Houlagans

Penguins 2025/26

1-1-1 with a good team effort against Piatelli to tie and took home a victory on the last game of the day against the RI Bulldogs

Penguins 2023

0-3 with two close games to finish the day against the Houlagans and Coyotes

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