Penguins at Colonial Clash

The Penguins program had nine teams competing over the weekend at the Colonial Clash Tournament in four locations across the area. Overall the the teams went a combined 13-12-2 with some impressive victories along the way.

Penguins 2024 Gold

2-0-1 with solid team wins against Express North and Seven Hills

Penguins 2025 Gold

2-1 having a close games against Maine Mussells and losing a hard fought game against 3d NE Blue

Penguins 2026 Orange

0-3 losing some tight games against Express North and Laxachussetts Green

Penguins 2027

2-1 with team wins against Rip It and Team CT

Penguins 2028

1-2 with a good win against Rip It and close game against PLC

Penguins 2029 Blue

3-0 with decisive victories against the Littlenecks and 4 Leaf

Penguins 2030

1-2 with tight games all day against Gorilla, 4 Leaf, and HGR

Penguins 2031/32

1-2 with a solid win against Team CT and hard fought loss against a tough 3d NE Red

Penguins 2032/33

1-1-1 with a good win against 4 Leaf and last second tie against Bucket Town

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