Penguins at Bulldog Brawl

The Penguins program entered the Bulldog Brawl weekend looking to extend, what has already been a very successful summer. Overall, the Penguins had 10 teams playing and went a combined 28-14-3 and played in FIVE championship games, winning two of them at the 2024 and 2026 levels.

Penguins 2023 (Playoffs)

2-2 with big wins against Piranhas LC and Rip It (CT) and losing a close game to the Buzzards in the playoffs.

Penguins 2024 (Championship Game — WINNER)

Went 2-0-1 heading into playoffs. The semi-finals was a rematch against HGR, who they tied the day before and came away with a resounding 11-3 win. They moved into the Championship game against an unbeaten Maine Mussels team and came away with a 7-5 victory. The team was backed by great goaltending and excellent defense all weekend.

Penguins 2025 (Championship Game)

Started off 2-0-1 with good team wins against HGR and Blaze. Won their semi-final game handedly and played the Kings Red in the finals. The game went to a braveheart which went back and forth but ended up losing 5-4.

Penguins 2026 (Championship Game – WINNER)

Went 5-0 on the weekend and cruised to a championship win against the CT Wolves.

Penguins 2027 (Championship Game)

3-0 with a perfect record in pool play, beating the Blaze, Kings and CT Valley. They would go on to the Championship game and lose to a strong CT Valley team 7-5.

Penguins 2028 (Playoffs)

3-0 in pool play with good wins against NH Tomahawks, Kings and Piatelli. They went to the semi-finals, losing to a strong Gorilla team.

Penguins 2029 Blue & Orange (Championship Game, Orange Team)

Blue team went 1-2-1 and played some strong competition with close games against Harvest and LI Empire. The Orange team went 3-0 in pool play and headed straight for the championship game, losing to a tough Gorilla team 9-4. Goaltending was solid for both teams all weekend.

Penguins 2030

Went 2-2 with strong wins against Piatelli and NH Tomahawks. They played a strong Harvest team, losing 6-2.

Penguins 2031/32

1-3 but had a lot of growth building on some close games against the Coyotes and Piatelli. They went on to win their last game of the the day with a last second goal to win 6-5.

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