Luke Bavuso Penguin Spotlight

Penguin Spotlight – Luke Bavuso

Name: Luke Bavuso

Position: Middie

Hometown: Natick

School: Memorial Elementary

Penguins Team: 2029

What are your main motivations for playing lacrosse?
Lacrosse is a fun game and it challenges me to be athletic.

What do you most enjoy about lacrosse?
I enjoy scoring goals and celebrating with my team.

Luke Bavuso Penguin Spotlight
#43 Luke Bavuso (right)

What have been your proudest achievements in athletics?
I didn’t make the Penguins team when I first tried out.  I kept working at it and I was excited to be on the team this year.  I scored my first goal at the Bulldog Brawl! I’ve had a lot of fun at all the fall tournaments.   

What are your long range goals in athletics?
Improving my skills and playing lacrosse or basketball in college.

What are your main strengths in lacrosse?
Ball handling and accuracy are my strengths.

What areas do you feel that you need improvement in?
That’s easy! Defense and face off need work.

What other sports do you play?

Favorite Post Game Meal?

Favorite lacrosse player:
College: My cousin Tommy Bavuso, UPenn defenseman.
Pro: Paul Rabil.

Go to video game?

Dream location to play lacrosse:
Somewhere warm like Hawaii!

First lacrosse head you ever used:


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