Penguin Spotlight – Jonah Sisitsky

Each week we want to pay special attention to one of the players within our Penguins community, and provide them an opportunity to tell the world about themselves.

Jonah on the prowl

Hailing from Walsh Middle School in Framingham, MA, Jonah plays defense for the 2025 team.

Coaches, friends, and family push me everyday to be the best player I can be. My friends constantly motivate me to work, and push harder.

In the future Jonah hopes to play lacrosse in college. He understands his strengths are “being able to throw checks and really have an understanding of how the game of lacrosse is played”, but that he needs to get stronger and faster to make it happen.

Outside of lacrosse, Jonah plays golf, basketball, baseball, and tennis. When not playing sports, he enjoys a nice chicken parm and playing COD Modern Warfare.

Tune in next week as we spotlight another Penguin!

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