Penguin Spotlight – DJ Jenkins

Each week we want to pay special attention to one of the players within our Penguins community, and provide them an opportunity to tell the world about themselves.

  1. Name- DJ Jenkins
  2. Position – Attack
  3. Hometown – Stoughton 
  4. School – Gibbons Elementary 
  5. Penguins Team – 2029
  6. What are your main motivations for playing lacrosse? My Grandpa. He passed away in 2019
  7. What do you most enjoy about lacrosse? I like how fun it is 
  8. What have been your major highlights/achievements in athletics? – being able to play on a club lacrosse team and coming back from knee surgery
  9. What are your long range goals in athletics? Play in college and in the PLL
  10. What do you feel are your main strengths (in lacrosse)? Good at passing and scoring 
  11. What areas do you feel that you need improvement in? Conditioning
  12. What other sports do you play? Tackle football, basketball
  13. Favorite Post Game Meal? Steak and cheese with hot peppers cooked into it, grilled onions, pickles Mayo and ketchup  from D’Angelos
  14. Favorite lacrosse player (college or pro)? Tom Schreiber
  15. Go to video game? Call of Duty
  16. Dream location to play lacrosse? Canada
  17. First lacrosse head you ever used? I don’t remember…I was 5 and got it with a starter kit.

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