Penguin Spotlight – Brett Riley

Each week we want to pay special attention to one of the players within our Penguins community, and provide them an opportunity to tell the world about themselves.

  1. Name: Brett Riley
  2. Position: Defense
  3. Hometown: Arlington
  4. School: Ottoson Middle School
  5. Penguins Team: 2026
  6. What are your main motivations for playing lacrosse? Having fun and playing with my friends.
  7. What do you most enjoy about lacrosse? I like the speed and physicalness of the game.
  8. What have been your major highlights/achievements in athletics? This summer, going undefeated during most of the tournaments.
  9. What are your long range goals in athletics? I want to play lacrosse in college.
  10. What do you feel are your main strengths (in lacrosse)? Ground balls, speed, and stick skills.
  11. What areas do you feel that you need improvement in? Communicating with my teammates
  12. What other sports do you play? Skiing, mountain biking, and rock climbing.
  13. Favorite Post Game Meal? Cheeseburger.
  14. Favorite lacrosse player (college or pro)? Jack Rowlett
  15. Go to video game? Call of Duty
  16. Dream location to play lacrosse? Alaska
  17. First lacrosse head you ever used? STX Stallion 200

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