HS Penguins Spotlight

Spring high schools seasons are nearing the halfway point and Penguins players are having tremendous success as they look to lead their respective teams to the playoffs. Several players have been showcased in various publications across the state.

James Carr – G – Natick HS (Penguins 2022/Bryant University)

Connor Henchey – A – Bellingham HS (Penguins 2022/Franklin Pierce University)

Nolen Beauregard – M – Walpole HS (Penguins 2022/UMass Boston)

Justin Cronin – M – Rockland HS (Penguins 2022/Coastal Carolina University)

Sean Murphy – A – Medway HS (Penguins 2022)

Brady Daylor – M – Sharon HS (Penguins 2022/Northeastern University)

Tyler Boucher – A – Malden Catholic (Penguins 2023)

Colton Chambers – A – Nantucket HS (Penguins 2024)

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