Thirteen Penguins named Boston Globe All Stars

Thirteen Penguins in the 2017 and 2018 classes have been named conference All-Stars by the Boston Globe for the 2017 season. The full article can be found here.

Bay State Conference:

Robert Colburn, Penguins 2018, Walpole/Franklin Pierce University

Owen Hunter, Penguins 2017, Walpole/Bentley University

Jake Hurley, Penguins 2017, Walpole/Assumption College

Tommy Wilber, Penguins 2017, Walpole/UMass-Boston

Cape and Islands:

Alex Small, Penguins 2018, Nantucket

Catholic Central:

Matt Galligan, Penguins 2018,Cardinal Spellman/Stonehill College

Chris Palin, Penguins 2018, Cardinal Spellman/UMass-Boston

Matt Palin, Penguins 2018,Cardinal Spellman/UMass-Boston

Dual County:

Charlie Cook, Penguins 2017, Bedford/Clark University

Adam Becker, Penguins 2017, Waltham/Assumption University

Conor Lenfest, Penguins 2017, Waltham/Binghamton University

Cam Egan, Penguins 2017, Waltham/Bentley University


Tim Watson, Penguins 2017, King Philip/Hartwick College

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