September 30, 2016

Our Philosophy

Welcome to the Family.

At the core of all of our Penguins Select Lacrosse Club lacrosse teams is the relentless focus on player development; it is our firm belief that players cannot reach their full potential on the lacrosse field until their core lacrosse fundamentals are rock solid. These fundamentals are at the cornerstone of our Select lacrosse programs at all levels, and we work tirelessly to ensure that all players coming through these programs truly understand the game of lacrosse and the commitment that it takes to play at the game’s highest levels.

First and foremost, we believe that lacrosse should be fun! We spend countless hours on these fundamentals in practice so that come tournament time our players can have a positive experience and compete with North America’s best lacrosse programs.

We pride ourselves building young men of character in a team-first, family environment, teaching players to succeed beyond the lacrosse, and instilling players with an even deeper passion for the game of lacrosse.

Penguins Select Lacrosse Core Values

What Makes the Penguins Different:

1. The Penguins Program emphasizes DEVELOPMENT. While the tournaments are fun, and a great time to showcase your abilities, the real work comes in practice with the nation’s best instructors to become the best player you can be. It doesn’t matter if you are a 2nd or 3rd grader ready to take lacrosse more seriously, or a Division 1 scholarship prospect — it all starts with sound fundamentals!

2. Full time, dedicated Penguins staff ensures that we are the most ORGANIZED, PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM in existence. Our staff does not fit in Penguins work around other jobs and commitments, we are completely dedicated to giving your son the best possible lacrosse experience. Whether you are enjoying your first select lacrosse experience or fully engaged in the college recruiting process, we are totally dedicated to helping you reach your lacrosse goals, whatever they may be. We are seven FULL TIME lacrosse professionals in the office every day spending our time making the Penguins among the nation’s top select lacrosse programs.

3. We educate the total student athlete. From our team camp to our weekly practices, we emphasize not only the lacrosse aspect, but everything it takes to succeed as a lacrosse player; leadership, character, and the importance of being a STUDENT athlete.

4. We are invested in TODAY’s game. The game is changing every day.  What it takes to be successful in today’s high school and NCAA lacrosse is DRAMATICALLY different than the game was years ago.Not only are we current NCAA and High School Varsity and Sub-Varsity Coaches, but we are RECENT NCAA All Americans, Academic All Americans, NCAA All Conference players and CURRENT members of NCAA All-American Selection Committees and NCAA Regional ranking committees. We know what it takes to help players develop the tools they need to succeed TODAY’s game. 

5. We realize the enormous importance of playing MULTIPLE SPORTS and SPRING TOWN/TOWN SELECT LACROSSE/MBYLL. The vast majority of our student-athletes are two-sport (or More!) athletes, and we schedule practices and tournaments accordingly. Additionally, the Penguins purposely do NOT play extensive games in the Spring beyond our Spring play day, purposefully allowing players to represent their towns and their schools across Massachusetts and beyond.