Penguins Girls Winter Training Season Update

Another successful Penguins Girls Winter Training Season is almost in the books. The teams have been meeting 1-2 times a week on Thursdays and Sundays since the beginning of January. The Penguins have only three short weeks left of team practice sessions at PrimeTime Sports Center. Coaches and parents alike have commented positively on overall player improvement, eagerness to learn and most importantly, confidence on and off the field. Coach Ashlee on player improvement:

“As the spring lacrosse season approaches, I can see my players starting to switch gears as a lot of them have tryouts coming up for their town or school programs. They are constantly asking for feedback on how well the performed a certain skill and what they could do better next time. I love to see them taking control of their skill development and having the drive to better themselves”

learn to play girls lacrosse

Players at all age levels have been working hard and most importantly, having fun with their teammates and coaches. The final winter training session will take place on Sunday, March 18th. As a reminder, The Penguins do not hold a spring season in order to allow players to fully dedicate themselves to their town and school programs.

The coaches and I are looking forward to seeing all teams at practice this Thursday night!

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