Penguins Coach Profile: Chris Collison

Chris Collison has been with the Penguins since the summer of 2011 after coming back from coaching overseas in England. Throughout the years he has coached several age groups and had numerous players graduate and go on to play lacrosse at the collegiate level.  Chris is currently one of the coaches of the 2023 Penguins and has been with the team for three years. In addition to coaching with the Penguins, Chris is also the Assistant Varsity Lacrosse Coach at Melrose High School and was named the 2015 Middlesex League Assistant Coach of the Year. 
Where did you play college lacrosse and what position? Any other lacrosse experiences?
I was an attackman at Union College from 2004-2008 in NY. I also played for the Walcountian Blues Lacrosse Club in England right after I graduated from college. 
Where have you coached in the past in addition to the Penguins? And where do you currently still coach?
While I was in England I coached youth, adult, and travel teams throughout England and Europe. I am currently the Assistant Varsity Coach at Melrose High School. 
What has been your most memorable coaching moment as a part of the Penguins?
Winning the Bryant Tournament back in 2014, our team played up a level with the 2015 bracket. It was our first tournament win of about 6-7 when they were freshman, and it was the start of a special three year run. 
What do you like most about the Penguins program?
The coaches and mindset of the program in general, i.e. it’s a “family”. While there is a major focus on developing players and skills, theres also focus on creating well rounded players/people and having some fun. 
What are some values you try to implement in your players?
Non-stop effort when they step on the field and an ability to play with pace. Whether it’s transition, firing off the wing on the face-off, spinning the ball 6v6 or off a dodge, or pressing out on defense. Pace and ball movement are so important. Along with that, I try to make sure the kids aren’t afraid to make a mistake – that every mistake is a learning experience. 
How would you describe your coaching style?
Energetic, positive and level headed. I try to bring a positive energy every time on the field in the hopes the players will feed off it as well. I also try to remain level-headed and not get too up or too down, but generally positive.

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