Penguins Coach Profile: Ashlee Pechulis

Ashlee Pechulis has been coaching for the Penguins since Fall 2016 where she has coached the 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 teams. She graduated from Lasell College in 2016 where she played for 4 years for the Laser’s. During her career playing with the Lasers, Ashlee received all conference awards twice, all tournament team, and earned her 100th career goal. She contributed to the Lasers winning their first GNAC championship in history in 2013, and again as captain in 2016. Ashlee most recently coached Team Connecticut at a national level for Brine Lacrosse and for Framingham Youth Lacrosse.

Where are you from? When did you first start playing lacrosse?
I am from Westfield, Massachusetts. I started playing lacrosse in 5th grade.

Where did you play college lacrosse and what position?
I played lacrosse at Lasell College, and played midfield all four years. I took the draw for two years.

What sparked your interest in coaching lacrosse? When did you first start coaching?
I started coaching lacrosse because lacrosse has grown so much as a sport since I was a kid. I feel obligated to share what I know now to the younger generations so the sport can continue to grow. I had a few volunteer coaching opportunities when I was in high school for the youth teams in my town. I coached in the Brine National Tournament when I was in college, and since I graduated college I’ve been coaching all year round.

What has been your most memorable coaching moment as a part of the Penguins?
We had been practicing this offensive play for weeks, I made sure to go through it once every practice. When we were playing in one of our tournaments, I told the girls at halftime to run the play. They ran it, and scored. The girls were so excited and cheering, and congratulating each other. We were actually losing at the time and ended up losing that game. The score of the game didn’t matter, the girls felt accomplished and what mattered was them knowing their hard work payed off, and they did it together.

What are some values you try to implement in your players?
I encourage the girls to take advantage of every practice or game opportunity, and that they are the ones that determine their own work ethic. I think goal setting is very important, and I make sure each player has their own goal at the beginning of the season, and they work hard throughout the season to get a step closer to that goal.

How would you describe your coaching style?
If you played the sport of lacrosse for as long as I have, you can teach kids the game. However I think it takes more than just knowing the game to be able to coach. Being respected, a motivator, and teaching kids good character and value is also part of the job. I don’t like when players just go through the motions in practice. I make sure to explain why we do each drill, and how it can be effective in a game situation.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you live now? What do you do for work? Any hobbies non-lacrosse related?
Right now I live in Newton, Ma and work in Newton and Natick as a Personal Trainer. I also coach the Penguins in the off season. Hobbies non lacrosse related include hiking, and kayaking, I love any outdoor activity in the summer!

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