Checking in with Hartwick Freshman Attackman and Penguins 2017 Tim Watson

Timmy Watson Hartwick LacrosseTim Watson was an attackman on the 2017 Penguins and is one of the most tenured Penguins having been with program since 2009. He played high lacrosse at King Philip Regional High School where he led the team with 87 points and took them to the state quarter-finals against BC High. He was a Hockomock League First Team All-Star and Eastern Mass All-Star during his senior season. Tim answered some questions about the recruiting process and how be came to be a student-athlete at Hartwick College in Onenonta NY.

What was your recruitment process like with Hartwick and other schools?
I was fortunate to be seen a couple times by Hartwick at different tournaments and showcases. Coach LaSala first saw me play the summer going into my Junior year of High School at the 3D rising D3 showcase in Connecticut. Coach LaSala reached out to me and expressed interest. We set up a visit on campus and I told him I was still looking at schools and not ready to make a commitment. We kept in contact throughout my Junior year and he saw me play throughout the summer as well. After the summer going into my Senior year, I called coach and verbally committed to play at Hartwick College.

How did the playing select lacrosse help in the recruiting process?
Playing select lacrosse with Penguins was extremely beneficial in the recruiting process and helping me grow my own game. I had my stick in my hands all the time which was crucial for my stick stills. Recruiting wise, playing in tournaments was how I got the most exposure in front of college coaches. Playing at a high level in the summer and fall allowed for our team to play in big tournaments with a lot of college coaches in attendance. At tournaments coaches are always watching and that’s the way you have to play when you are on the field.

Going from HS to college, what has been the biggest change both academically and athletically?
The biggest change for me academically was the freedom to take classes you are interested in and want to take. There is a lot of down time in between classes so making sure you get into a solid routine is crucial. Athletically, the biggest change was the speed of the game. The ball moves in and out of sticks a lot faster and it took a little time to get adjusted to the speed of the game.

Take us through a typical day of a Division III student-athlete at at Hartwick.
During Fall ball, I would wake up and head out to class. We had practice at night so I had a lot of time to make sure all my homework was done prior to practice because I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of energy to get it done if I left any for after. Now that we are done with fall ball, we either have a team lift or conditioning in the morning before class and then you head out for class.

What is your most memorable Penguins lacrosse moment?
My most memorable moment as a Penguin was winning the FLG in 3D tournament in Maryland the summer before my senior year. It was a really cool feeling winning that tournament because that was my last summer tournament ever and our team really came together that tourney to pull out a big win against 3D Mid- Atlantic 5-4.

What type of stick do you use?
Right now I use a Maverik Blank shaft with a Centrik head.

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