Checking in with Assumption Freshman Midfielder and Penguins 2017 Adam Becker

Adam Becker was a dynamic two way midfielder on the 2017 Penguins since the Summer of 2015. He played at Waltham High School and was one of their leading scorers during his senior year. He committed to Assumption College in April of 2017 and had a very strong fall with the Greyhounds where he is again teammates with Jake Hurley (Walpole HS) and Aidan Teftt (Xaverian HS) who were also 2017 Penguins. Currently his younger brother Max plays goalie for the 2024 Penguins. Adam gives us some insight into what its like to go to Assumption College and play at the Division 2 level.

What did you recruitment process look like with Assumption and other schools?
For me the recruiting process started my summer going into junior year, some coaches reached out through email and some through texting. Most of the coaches saw me through playing summer ball and going to recruiting showcases. Being recruited to Assumption started with emails and then the coach invited me to meet the team and learned more about the program. I was offered a spot and excepted in April of my senior year.

You currently play with two other Penguins, how has it been playing with them again and transitioning to the college level?
Honestly its nice going into a new situation with kids that you have already played with before. Having some chemistry and knowing your tendencies is very helpful. Additionally it was great having already made friends before you even get to the school.

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How long have you been playing lacrosse?
I have been playing lacrosse for 12 years. I started when I was 6 years old in the Waltham youth program.

How did the playing select lacrosse help in the recruiting process?
For me it was everything in that it exposed me to a higher level of competition and coaches that would not see me play otherwise.

Going from Waltham High School to Assumption College, what has been the biggest change both academically and athletically?
Athletically it is a lot more of a commitment in terms of practices throughout the year. There is also much more emphasis put on off-season lifting. Academically everything is different, teachers are harder and most classes are lectures. Time management has been important as I have to plan my day around academics and athletics.

Take us through a typical day of a NCAA Division 2 college lacrosse player at Assumption College?
I wake up around 8:00am and get breakfast. Then I go to classes from 9:30am-11:30am. Quick lunch and then class from 12:30pm-2:30pm. Lift goes from 4pm-5:30pm and then I’ll finish the night with dinner and studying.

What is your most memorable Penguins lacrosse moment?
Winning FLG in 3d Tournament in MD during our last summer.

What type of stick do you use?
Warrior Rabil 2 and Warrior Evo shaft.

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