March 6, 2018

Penguins – Lake George National Invitational

Lake George National Invitational

Saturday, July 7th – Sunday, July 8th

Golden Goal Sports Park – 495 Goodman Rd, Fort Ann, NY 12827

Parking: Drive through main entrance and follow directions of parking attendants. Please note that parking does fill up at main facility. Additional parking will be provided at off-site location (.4 miles away) with bus transportation to facility. Leave additional time for travel as Goodman Road does get backed up during middle of day.

Penguins Tailgating Information: TBD

Tournament Website

Waiver: Not yet available

Penguins Mountain Camp: Penguins players have the ability to sign-up for the Lake George Penguins Mountain Camp for the summer of 2018. There is a 1-day and 2-day option. Penguins Players will take a coach bus with their teammates and Penguins coaches from the PrimeTime Sports Center on Thursday, July 5th to the Athlete Village  at Golden Goal Sports Park where the tournament is held and will stay on site on Thursday evening (Friday afternoon parent pick up) with the option to stay Friday night as well if they wish (Saturday Morning parent pick up)! Field sessions run by the NCAA coaches who will be on site to recruit for the event. Many of our older players in particular made connections with college coaches that led to interest that may otherwise not have happened at a bigger camp.

CLICK HERE to Sign-up for Mountain Camp. You can email and he will register you automatically.


Ethan Abdella, Henry Amenhauser, Nick Boomer, George Caldroney, Evan Farley, Spencer Farmer, Charley Hartnett, Zack Hodges, Brendan Losier, Henry Lutz, Nolen Mosscrop, Arin Nazarian, Rowan Nine, Corey Padelford, Logan Prock, Luke Prock, Eli Ravech, Brett Riley, James Strik, Freddy Torcasio


James Beggans, CJ Briere, Reis Conway, Phil Ellis, Will Freda, Austin Hine, Charlie Holmes, Ronan Kelleher, Dante Martucci, Tim Morin, Beau Newmarker, Myles Saint Louis, Armaan Shah, Jack Stuehler, Ryan Sweeney, Cam Sweet, Joshua Verhoest, Ciran Walshe, John Welch, Owen Wigren


Max Becker, Richie Bradbury, Colton Chambers, Jack Cuddy, Aaron Dumalac, Matt Egan, Ryan Farley, Liam Gallagher, Alex Goldsmith, Ryan Harris, Ethan Howe, Ryan Jones, Tyler Jones, Liam Kelleher, Zach Langevin, Henry Mix, Tyler Quinn, Jake Riley, Chad Robertson, Dylan Rogers, Matt Sullivan


Bruno Batty, Jack Beggans, Tyler Boucher, Will Buckley, Lorenzo Costello, Will Fine, Cody Gordon, Christian Grosso, Decker Hardin, Andrew Hine, Ethan Kinney, Henry Laudano, Kyle Levangie, Will Marra, Owen Morse, Ryan O’Connor, Julien Proia, Dylan Robertson, Tyler Santana, Jacob Shore, Aaron Waller, John Walshe


James Carr, Nick Cotting, Brady Daylor, Devin Sweet, Kevin Feeney, Brendan Grace, Andrew Hallahan, Chance Hanna, Emory Koeppel, Henry Lapham, Ryan Lebrun, Ryan McNeil, Owen Mullaney, Sean Murphy, Jayden Patel, Quinn Rein, Marc Rogers, Zach Sullivan, Sean Vinson, Teddy Wilson


Chris Barrett, Robert Burns, Ryan Dolan, John Dunajski, Ronan Fahey, Drew Fitzgerald, Ryan Gallagher, Mark Jansen, Jack Lamothe, Matt Mahoney, Matt McLaughlin, Kyle Patriarcha, Josh Scott, Andrew Scier, Brendan Sobolewski, Andrew Walsh, Austin Wenzel


Thomas Barker, Marty Barrett, Nick Bloom, Cam Charron, Sean Cullagh, Ian Curley, Colin Delchutto, Luke Dias, Michael Grosso, Maclean Hadden, Mike McLaughlin, Colin Norred, Jack Norwood, Peter Nowlan, Max Ranta, Justin Santana, Will Specht, Jackson Tabors, Chase Wesley


Tony Alpert, Rocky Batty, Linden Cox, Tucker Crowley, LJ DiCarlo, Justin Dupont, Nicholas Elkins, Michael Farinacci, Evan Fasolo, Marc Hirshom, Brendan King, Anthony Larkin, Evan Lindstrom, Christian Malabanan, Connor Purcell, Espen Reager, Jason Reyes, Kyle Rogers, Diego Segura, Evan Seto, Cody Joshua Smith


Cam Bartlett, Joe Biagiotti, Nick Bower, Mike Burke, Martin Farrell, Padraig Flynn, Matt Fucci, Dan Hayes, Brendan Kelleher, Ben Kolb, Tim Kolb, Trevor Koppy, Kevin Lyons, Mike McNeil, Luke Murphy, Joe Sargent,  John Shea, Ryan Shea, JT Woolley, Xavier Zuvekas